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Hyena Technical Information

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  • Hyena replaces Users and Computers
  • Work more efficient
  • Manage servers and Workstations
Hyena Pricing

Hyena is used by 300.000+ system administrators worldwide for over 6 years, Hyena is known throughout the industry as one of the top Windows management utilities available. Hyena includes full exporting and Microsoft Access-based reporting options. Exchange Server mailbox integration and SMS and CITRIX.

Hyena provides: User Management, Server Management, Service Monitoring and Control, Event Management, Job and Task Scheduling, Printer Management, Disk and File Administration, Reporting, Active Directory Integration, Remote Control.

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Active Administrator

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Active-Administrator Technical Information

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  • GPO Overview as it should be
  • Resultant set of Policies
  • Active Administrator
Active Administrator Pricing

Active Administrator provides Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP) calculations to report on exactly which GPO settings will be applied to a user when logging onto a particular machine, including advanced "what-if" scenarios.
View detailed GPO settings reports to show exactly which settings are configured.
Backup Active Directory and restore Active Directory users and user attributes, on a very granular way. Read more about Active Administrator

Security Explorer

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Security-Explorer Technical Information

Security-Explorer Hasselfree download
  • Change and manage Server Security
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Report and Backup ACLs
Security Explorer Pricing

Security Explorer enables administrators to backup and restore NTFS permissions throughout a network. After all, if your users cannot access the data they need, they cannot perform their functions. Read more about Security Explorer

Secure Copy

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Secure-Copy Technical Information

Secure-Copy Hasselfree download
  • Copy data between servers with Security Intact
  • Replacement for Robocopy
  • SecureCopy is perfect for Migrations
Secure Copy Pricing

Secure Copy is one of the only tools available that will migrate local groups while copying files and their permissions. (A local group is local to the machine it was created on.) If a local group has permissions on a file in your source server, Secure Copy will create the local group on the destination server, an Active Directory domain, or Windows NT 4.0 domain and modify the permissions list on the destination file to reflect the newly created local group.

If you were to use the "scopy.exe", "rcopy" or "robocopy.exe" programs from the NT resource kit, every local group would appear as "Account Unknown" in the destination file's permissions list. If the local group name already exists on the destination server, you can be prompted for a new name or select a prefix or suffix naming convention. Read more about Secure Copy

Desktop Authority

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Desktop-Authority Technical Information

Desktop-Authority Hasselfree download
  • Save days a week on support
  • Scripts without Syntax Errors
  • Remote Management of Workstations
Desktop Authority Pricing

Desktop Authority 8 gives network administrators the power to proactively manage networked computers at any time and from any location - over a LAN, dial-up, or VPN connection, even a PDA!

Desktop Authority 8 helps ease the administrators burden and delivers a new level of customer-driven functionality to client side, saving you hours a week administrating your desktops.

Desktop Authority includes all the features of Scriptlogic and in addition to that, a OEM fully integrated version of Remotly Anywhere Server version for each Licensed Desktop.  Read more about Desktop Authority

Print Manager Plus

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Print-Manager-Plus Technical Information

Print-Manager-Plus Hasselfree download
  • Save upto 75% on printing
  • Limit excessive printing
  • Report on users Print
  • Overview of Printer Infrastructure
Print Manager Plus Pricing

Print Manager Plus can save your company upto 50% in Printing Cost, by Quota and Tracking of Print Behavior on your Windows Domain. Print Manager Plus installs in Seconds, and is endorsed by Microsoft as Print Solution for MS Print Servers.  Read more about Print Manager Plus

Enterprise Security Reporter

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Enterprise-Security-Reporter Technical Information

Enterprise-Security-Reporter Hasselfree download
  • Report on your ActiveDirectory
  • Document your access rights
  • Archive rights in database
Enterprise Security Reporter Pricing

Enterprise Security Reporter allows you to report on ActiveDirectory and Windows Infrastructure. As a system administrator you often need a view on network Resources on your Domain. Resources includes NTFS rights, Printer rights, User Login, Group Memberships, Registry Rights, Services, Shares, Users and Volumes on Windows Domains.

Using the tools that come with Microsoft Windows Servers from NT to Server 2003, you quickly realize that it is nearly impossible to gather the necessary information to produce the reports you need. Enterprise Security Reporter provides you an easy and efficient way to get the data and produce reports that give you the answers you need. Read more about Enterprise Security Reporter

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